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Hilarious moment ‘marathon runner’ stops to grab “Beer”

Hilarious moment ‘marathon runner’ stops to grab beer from bar before sprinting ahead and rejoining race

Francisco Cabello was filmed leaving the bar with a bottle of beer as he sped off swigging the booze

This thirsty ‘ marathon runner’ was filmed making a quick pit-stop to grab a bottle of beer before rejoining the race.

Francisco Cabello was so tired from pounding the pavements that he decided a refreshing drink was just the thing he needed so he stopped off at a pub on the way for a pint.

The funny moment was captured on camera and quickly went viral, taking place during the “Osorno Fluor Run 2017”, a race that took place in the city of Osorno, in the southern Chilean region of Los Lagos.
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He said: “Everything started because it was the penultimate day of the Bar called Antro Bar, that closed on Saturday and I was doing some shopping and I started to run the marathon. I was running and one of the guys who works in the local started to record me.