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Neha Sharma SIZZLES In Her Routine Workout 2020

Neha Sharma SIZZLES In Her Routine Workout 2020

Actress Neha Sharma on her eating habits and fitness fundas.
My workout regime It is a mix of weight training and Pilates. Weight training twice a week, Pilates every alternate day and functional once a week. I try and run for at least 15 minutes daily or jump rope. When I get bored of my exercise regime after a couple of months, I either take to swimming or yoga or a dance form for a little bit before I get back to the same routine.

My diet I try to keep a balance by eating super healthy the whole week with two bingeing days where I eat what I want. Breakfast usually is a mixed fruit bowl, eggs or oats and a glass of orange juice. Once in a while, when I crave for sugars in the morning I eat blueberry pancakes with maple syrup. For lunch, I eat small portions of everything, greens, protein with brown rice or roti. In the evening, I have a cup of green tea with a light sandwich. For hunger pangs, I keep black grapes handy. I like to have an early dinner with a soup, either a carrot and pumpkin soup or a chicken clear soup, with my version of Caesar salad with smoked turkey and grilled fish or chicken. There are good days when I am disciplined and I follow my diet plan strictly and there are lazy days when I eat chocolates, doughnuts and ice creams.

My problem areas I gain weight quickly on my lower abs and thighs so I work them out a lot more.

My strengths I gain and lose weight very easily, so it takes me a week to get back into the desired shape. My hips and shoulders always look great.

My fitness idol:

Will Smith.